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Who We Are

Looking at things differently

Like many businesses, FormulaWP started with one person looking for a solution to a problem (how to make and manage a great website for his new company without it costing a small fortune or being weak and limited), and finding such a solution didn’t really exist. That was back in 2008. Now we are a small but growing company dedicated to helping our customers (mostly small growing companies like us) take control of their websites without spending tons of money, wasting time they don’t have, or suffering technical overload-induced stress disorder.

How We Started

Humble beginnings

Eight years ago (as of 2017), and about ten thousand wrong turns and dead ends later, FormulaWP was finally launched with the singular purpose of making really powerful, fully functioned, professional business websites available to regular, non-technical folks like you and me without having to rely on expensive design agencies or spending years learning technical jargon, how to write code — HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript to name a few — or sorting through mountains of complicated and confusing configuration options.

We Love to Make Hard Stuff Easy

Our Business Is Your Website

What We Do

Making the hard bits easy

We make hard things easier. We make expensive things affordable. We take that which is complicated today and make it simpler tomorrow. We discover the 10% that matters and eliminate the 90% that doesn’t. And we close the gap between marketing hyperbole and actual experience. We spend our time figuring out the hardest stuff involved with creating and running awesome, effective, websites for small and medium-sized businesses,. Then we do it for you, automate it, or explain how to do it step-by-step so that even beginners can accomplish what used to be difficult even for experience professionals. In short, we help our customers look like rockstars. Well, their website, at least.

Why We Do It

Helping others feels good

Just like you, we got tired of the flashy sales presentations and the grandiose promises of “easy button” results from the cornucopia DIY website builder services that populate the market. Equally, we know the severe limitations and heavy expenses that come with hiring a fancy web design agency to create a bespoke website for you. We believe in today’s Internet-centric business environment, all companies, large and small, must be control of their website on a daily basis. You cannot outsource this critical aspect of your business without paying a heavy price down the road. To address this problem, FormulaWP is dedicated to allowing entrepreneurs and businesses to take control of their website, and therefore their business, without needing to employ an entire in-house web design and development team, but while still having a professional looking and feature-rich website that meets all your needs not just today, but one…three…five years down the line.

What We Believe

A culture of doing good

FormulaWP was founded on some old fashioned ideas too rarely found in the fast-moving up-in-the-cloud world of technology. Ideas like actually delivering what it is you say you will, providing a product that people need and will benefit from as opposed to what you can convince them to buy. And crazy notions like telling people what’s realistic instead of what they want to hear, and providing great customer support until problems are actually solved. We also believe that no problem exists that a nice bike ride and a good cup of coffee can’t solve.

Where We're Going

Oh the places we will go

We believe much of what’s most important in life has nothing to do with bottom-line profits. Things like enjoying your work, taking care of your health, having time for your friends and family, do things that make you feel fulfilled and proud, and making the world a better place in whatever way, big or small, that you feel compelled to do. Where we are going is fundamentally informed by these beliefs. And that won’t change. Ever. At least not while I’m alive.

— Craig Allan Teich, Founder

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