Meet the

We like to work together. Sometimes we work together alone. Some work at the office. And some of us work remotely from exotic locations (lucky bastards).

The Founder

Craig Allan Teich

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Craig is an avid Blues hockey and Cardinals baseball fan. A 1993 graduate of Washington University’s John M. Olin School of Business, Craig has enjoyed a career in finance, consulting, marketing, and technology. He has participated in several start-ups in a variety of industries including wealth management, restaurants, medical, and technology. Throughout his career, Craig has been fortunate to live in some wonderful cities including New Orleans, Boulder, San Francisco, Chicago, and London. He currently resides in Fort Lauderdale with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys cycling, hiking, skiing, and dreams of moving back to the mountains any minute now.

Team HelpStars

Helping customers be rockstars

Team HelpStars is our front-line customer support all-stars. They are a merry band of happy experts who love helping our customers sort through confusing issues and point travelers who’ve wandered into the dangerous technology wilderness back to the safe path of best practices. Qualities inherent to members of Team HelpStars include an unshakable positive attitude, a strong need to help others, and a rare genetic condition that renders them immune to questions others might consider silly or stupid. Team HelpStars can be identified easily if one knows what to look for: bizarrely unnerving perma-smile, habit of greeting everyone with a hearty “Hi! How can I help you?”, and a complete inability to avoid pulling over to help a stranger fix a flat tire.

Code is poetry. So says Automattic, makers of WordPress. We agree. And design, when done right, makes the mundane beautiful and the utilitarian emotional. Our WebDevils live to code poetically and design beautifully. And that’s pretty cool.

Team WebDevils

Coders, Designers, Lovers of the Interwebs

The folks that make up our Team WebDevils have a few tangibles in common. Most notably, they love all things related to WordPress, code, web design, user experience, conversion, Photoshop, and search engine optimization. They also live to make hard things easy for our customers. Other, more subtle, characteristics that we’ve observed from these rare creatures known affectionately as WebDevils is a tendency towards nocturnal work habits, a fashion sense one might call hipster casual, a borderline unhealthy addiction to energy drinks, and a severe allergic reaction for mixed content errors and code-bloat.

If you’re not having fun at work, something is wrong and customers will notice. We believe work should be fun and the vibe upbeat. We each take responsibility to show up with a good attitude. Grumpy doesn’t work here…for long.

Growing with great People

Great companies aren’t about a great idea, they are built on a foundation of great people. A shared vision, belief system, and culture helps attract and align great people to accomplish great things together. Predictable by-products of this formula is providing a great product or service, and making a lot of customers very satisfied. We are always looking for more great people who share our vision of having fun and making a nice living while providing great results for our customers. If you have skills and think FormulaWP sounds like your kind of place, then go check out how to join the team. Cheers.

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