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powerfully easy for busy entrepreneurs

One marketing platform to do it all

run your business from one place, not six

Powered by WordPress

Only one content management system has all the features, power, scalability, and ease-of-use that serious business owners and entrepreneurs require: WordPress. And with our custom-configured platform, we handle all the hard stuff and make all the powerful stuff fast and easy. Yeah buddy!

Landing Pages

You want easy to use, one-click install, high-converting, mobile responsive, lead-magnet landing pages that easily integrate with all the best email auto-responder systems? Of course you do. Do you want to have to pay for another service just for lead pages? Hell no. No worries, we got you covered.

Woo Membership Sites*

Are you a coach? Content creator? Educator? Consultant? Do you want to offer information products with full control over who gets access? No problem, because we have all that integrate into our “Experts & Coaches” package using the industry-leading Woo Subscriptions and Woo Memberships. Gotta love that passive income!

Learning Management System*

Do you need to have a beautiful and powerful way to serve up your online courses? Look nowhere else, because FormulaWP has partnered with the world’s best learning management system: LearnDash Pro. LearnDash will make you look awesome, your content look amazing, and have your customers satisfied and wanting more.

WooCommerce + Woo Subscriptions*

Operate an online store. Sell physical products, digital products, and recurring subscriptions. Take payments online or manually. Stripe, PayPay, Apple Pay, and all major credit card processors integrate in minutes. Accept coupons, run sales, pay your affiliates automatically. Allow customers to update their account information anytime. All this and much much more you can do quickly and easily from your FormulaWP site.

Affiliate Program Manager*

If your business can benefit from affiliate promotion, then you’ll love FormulaWP because we’ve integrated the most powerful affiliate program management system right into your WordPress admin dashboard. Nothing else to pay for, no other services to sign in to, everything right there where you need it and use it.

*Included as part of the Experts & Coaches plan.

We handle the soul-sucking technical bits
so you can focus on building your business

Design professional websites

without being a professional website designer

Professional Demo Sites

We have dozens of professionally designed, fully responsive, built for business, demo sites for an ever-growing list of industries, niches, and specialty uses, all of which can be installed on your website in seconds with the click of a button. Start with a demo site you like, then customize it as needed to make it your own. Wowza!

100+ Page Templates

Need to design beautiful mobile responsive pages in a minutes? Awesome, because we have an ever-growing library of page templates for all occasions from holiday promotions to list-building lead pages to About Us pages and more, all of which can be installed with a click and customized in minutes to fit your needs.

World's Best Page Builder

When FormulaWP went looking for the world’s best drag-and-drop page builder, we set the bar very high. And only one page builder met our standards. We are excited to have partnered with the wicked smart folks at Elementor. We’ve taken their amazing page builder, integrated it into the FormulaWP platform, then put it on steroids. Sweet!

Design at the Speed of Art

If you like to spend long hours working with tedious code while slowing going blind, then you’re gonna hate how fast and easy it is to create beautiful, responsive, web pages with the FormulaWP and the seamless integration of the powerfully easy Elementor page builder. Oh, the pages you’ll create before you’ve finished your first cup of coffee. 

A Website That Means Business

stylish, lightning fast, easily customizable

FormulaWP Pro Theme Demo Sites Collage

Ready to Import Websites

Using the FormulaWP Pro Full Sites Importer, you can browse through dozens of available sites. Import them easily and start customizing.

Customize Without Code

Quickly change your site and page designs through a range of options in the WordPress Customizer. No coding knowledge necessary!

Powerfully Easy Design

FormulaWP Pro gives you ability to turn off the page title & sidebar. Create full width pages with complete design freedom.

Super Fast Performance

FormulaWP Pro is made for the speed. It is the most lightweight theme available in the market and offers unmatchable performance.

Customize everything easily

FormulaWP Pro provides thoughtfully organized options in the WordPress Customizer. Make changes visually with real time preview. No more back and forth!

Layout Settings

In this area, one can manage layout of the website container, header, blog, archives, single pages, posts, sidebar & footer.

Header Options

FormulaWP Pro comes with several header layouts built-in. Pro addon extends the possibilities and adds more features further.
Customize Everything FormulaWP Website Design Platform

Colors & Typography

Set colors & fonts easily! We understand it’s important to be able to set fonts & colors that integrate with your brand.

Blog & Archives

Control design of your blog posts & archive pages with neat options in the customizer. Manage width, content and even meta.

Demo sites for Business

get started fast & get your business growing

Did We Mention fast?

because we have the data to prove it

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Page Builder on steroids

pixel perfect website design / no coding required

Elementor Page Builder Video Tour Overlay
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layout control at your fingertips

Section Width & Height

Go beyond simplified and generic page designs by having more control over the various sections of your page. Elementor’s page sections make up the basic architecture of the page, and allow you to reach a level of design reserved until now for high budget custom designed websites. And you don’t need a Ph.D. in astrophysics to do it. (That’s our cute way of saying it’s easy.)
Create any type of section your design requires with a click of two
Elementor Resize Columns Gif
Resizing columns can't get any easier or faster

Resize Columns with your mouse!

Tinkering with the size of the columns has never been easier. Grab one of the corners and drag it until the column layout is just right. You can also choose from default settings and easily add more columns to the row. Elementor is the best page builder for WordPress, giving you complete control over the height and width of your columns.

Column Content & Positioning

With Elementor, you can decide to position the column to the top, center, and bottom of a section, or stretch it out to the whole section. You can also position the content within the column in the same manner. This unique feature gives you the freedom to create a design that is much more customized.
Elementor Column Content Position Gif
Adjusting the size, spacing and content position is silly easy
Elementor Padding Margin Gif
Adjust margins and padding for any element in seconds

Padding & Margin Settings

Set the padding & margin for sections, columns & widgets, using px, EM or %. This feature is unique to Elementor. Without using % or EM, the heading you set may end up looking huge in mobile. Our dynamic size settings let you take full advantage of the various scaling possibilities.

Variable Column Gaps

Change the gaps between columns in order to let your design breathe. By changing the gaps at once, you can try out different column layouts, and visually decide which one has the best fit. This setting is amazingly simple to customize, but makes a huge difference on the ending result.
Elementor Column Gaps Gif
Create the column spacing you need from none to lots easy peasy

As feature by . . .

Web Design at the Speed of Art

watch this video and see what fun you'll have

Video courtesy of our wicked smart partners over at Elementor*
FormulaWP WordPress Website Design Platform Elementor Speed Art Video

Pixel Perfect   /  No Coding

FormulaWP had the entrepreneur in mind when we created a website and digital marketing platform, including the Elementor page builder, that enables users to quickly achieve beautiful web designs without having to use any html, CSS or special coding skills

Save Time & Money

HTML took ages, WordPress took days, Elementor takes hours, FormulaWP + Elementor takes minutes

Pixel Perfect Design

Don’t settle . . . control every pixel and achieve the exact design you want everytime

400+ Awesome Icons

Choose from over 400 icons customizing them to fit your style and make your pages more appealing

Border & Background

Control everything inside and around your widgets with Elementor’s border & background settings

800+ Google Fonts

Hundreds of the best fonts at your fingertips so your designs are both beautiful and fast

Color Palettes

Maintain a consistent color pallet across your website with Elementor’s automatic color control

Template library

Design. Save. Reuse. Wow!

Elementor Template Library Video Tour Overlay
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Pre-Made Templates

Instead of starting from scratch, use our pre-designed templates to jumpstart your design process or get inspired. Fast is fun.

Save Your Best Designs

Save your favorite page, section, or element designs as templates, and reuse them on other pages. Tony Stark level workflow!

Import & Export

You can export any template, and import it for use in other websites. This lets you share your templates with other designers.

We Make It Easy!

No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

No Contracts, No How, No Way

No Hassles & No Hustles

Get Started Today


drag and drop your way to lightning fast web design

Meet a few of our 140+ Elements

Elementor Call to Action Widget Video
Elementor Forms Design Element Video Overlay
Elementor Pricing Table Video
Elementor Block Quote Video Overlay
Elementor Cards Skin Video Overlay
Nav Menu Element
Elementor Search Element Overlay
Elementor Single Post Element Video Overlay
Elementor Testimonial Carousel Video Overlay

Digital marketing on steroids

Conversion-Ready Design

We don’t just stop at pretty webpage designs that make would-be customers eww and ahh. We are marketers at heart. Originally, we built FormulaWP for us to use for our high-paying VIP clients. We built everything in the platform to serve only two goals: first, all sites and pages had to be SEO catnip for Google; and second, visitors to the sites had to be motivated to become paying customers for our clients’ businesses.

Landing Pages

Ever wonder why businesses and online marketers need one platform for their website and another for their landing or lead pages? Is there something magical about how a landing page works? We wondered the same thing. And that’s why super-powerful high-converting landing page templates — over 100 of them at last count — are built right into FormulaWP. Install with a click, customize, publish, boom!

Integrations Galore

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Powerful Forms, Super Easy

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

“FormulaWP has made running my business’s website so much easier. And I don’t have to worry about tracking down my web designer to get stuff done. The templates are beautiful and install in one click. I just switch out a couple images, add my own copy, and press publish. Nothing could be easier. Well, if it could read my mind, but maybe I don’t want it to do that.”

Extreme hosting

Dedicated. Managed. Wicked Fast.

When we went looking for the world's best hosting partner for the world's best WordPress website design and digital marketing platform, WP Engine was the clear winner.

Best WordPress Hosting

WP Engine provides the best-in-class WordPress website hosting service, period. That’s why we partnered with them. Now you get the best at a fraction of the cost.

Enterprise Grade

Enterprise level hosting provides the ultimate in performance, scalability, and uptime to deliver lightning-fast, secure, and scalable sites that reduces bounce rates and improves conversions.


Sites are protected on a dedicated clustered environment with multi-zone high availability and load-balancing technology. Spam, hackers, and viruses are repelled by world-class security.

Daily Backups

With automatic daily backups, you can restore your site to a safe place in minutes anytime something goes awry. Or manually back up your site anytime with a single click.

Blazing Fast Page Speed

When you combine state-of-the-art servers, our EverCache proprietary caching technology, and a global CDN. the result is exceptional page-load speeds to boost engagement and Google SEO love.

24/7 Phone Support

WP Engine customer service is world class, and you get direct access to their priority specialists. No waiting on hold. No clueless trainees. Only experts who will sort you out in minutes.​

“We used to spend twice as much time on our online marketing before switching to FormulaWP. Now everything is in one place. We don’t have to learn sixteen different platforms. And the tasks we do regularly are simpler, faster, and you don’t need to be a computer programming expert to understand it. Love it!”

What Our Clients Say

A year after starting my training business, I was struggling to pay my bills and thought I'd need to close up and go back to my corporate job which I hated. Then I met Craig. In ninety days we overhauled my business model, marketing, and sales systems. In the first year we tripled revenue and my annual income went from $30,000 to over $300,000! Total game changer.
Sarah Johnson
Direct Sales Marketing Coach
We were offering too many services and weren't getting enough of the most profitable jobs we wanted. Now our business is streamlined, we're the dominant player for our most profitable jobs, revenue is way up and continuing to rise, and my stress is down with simplified operations. Contractors Formula is worth ten times the investment.
Justin Graves St. Louis Pressure Wash
Justin Graves
Exterior Cleaning

Real Results

My contracting business was losing money. I was desperate. I needed a website to get more clients but had very little money and no experience building websites. I decided to try the FormulaWP platform in conjunction with Craig’s Contractors Formula Business Acceleration System. Within weeks the phone started ringing with requests for bids for our most profitable jobs. Three years later we’re doing well over $1 million annually, we’re very profitable, all our jobs make money, the work is easier, we have better clients, and our only challenge is keeping up with how fast we’ve been growing. I couldn’t be happier. At the heart of all this is our website running on the FormulaWP platform. Total game changer!

— Derrick Reeves, Owner, Saint Louis Driveway

launching your website is as easy as . . .


Pick a Plan

The Pro Business plan is best for small to medium sized, mostly local type businesses like contractors or yoga studios or photographers or physicians. If your business is more online and information based, then you’ll love the Experts & Coaches plan.


Sign Up

Once you’ve selected your plan, you’ll be taken to our Secure Checkout. Fill in your contact info and click the green Continue To Payment button. An encrypted payment form will pop up. Enter your payment details and you’re in!


Choose a Demo

Next you’ll receive a Welcome To FormulaWP email with links to a form where you’ll choose a demo site design you want to use to get started, your domain name (if you have one yet), and then we get to work launching and configuring your site. That’s it!

Get Started Today

Plans Start at $99/month

Our Risk-Free Guarantee

We are so confident that you’ll love FormulaWP that we’ll go to the time and expense (several hundreds of dollars for licenses and initial set-up) to get you started with a fully functional account you can start building your website on today. You’ll have 30 risk-free days to put the FormulaWP Platform through its paces. Don’t love it? No problem. Cancel within the first 30 days, request your refund, and we’ll give you back every penny you’ve paid within 48 hours, no questions asked.

“My day is usually quite hectic. Before I used FormulaWP I had to juggle my marketing tasks on multiple platforms, all that had to connect to each other. Since using FormulaWP, I now do on one platform what once required four. Takes less time, costs less money, gets better results. Simply brilliant.”